Monday, November 26, 2007

Boutique Time!!

Oh wow I feel like I'm taking over the family blog! I wanted to share this with all of you, I'm sure most of you did not know this about me. I am so excited, I get to show some of my art work. I have been some what worried that others might not like it, but Jared says "that is the beauty of art everyone can have their own opinions". I began painting at 16 my art was mostly landscapes my mother has my very first canvas piece. She, being so supportive has it in her room she says the painting reminds her of the feeling of freedom. At 17 I stopped painting and began drawing, It comes much easier to me and I have mostly stuck with that. My oldest takes after me and we seem to go thru drawing periods together, It is the only thing she allows me to advise her on. Last year I re arranged the girls rooms and I wanted some art to give it a new look, I decided to shop around. I was amazed at how much children's art was going for and of course not wanting to pay over the top prices, I decided to paint some myself. After completing the paintings I hung them up, I just loved them. soon I had my mother my cousin and friends and other family members asking me to paint some for them. The person who has been the most supportive my mother-in law encouraged me to show them at her boutique. SO here I come hoping that everyone will continue to like my art.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

We had so much fun!! We began at 5pm and went on till 7:30pm. It was so much fun seeing the girls be so excited and have so much fun!! Sarah ran to every door with such happiness as if we never took her out of the house.I was so proud of how polite she is, Please and thank you and even remember to wish every one a safe and happy halloween. She looked so grown up with her costume half devil and half angel. Jared said that she looks like a mini teenager! Yikes! can you imagine. My little baby a teen? Lili oh my, she was really going everywhere her sister went she went stairs or no stairs not afraid one bit. We were amazed at how much she could keep up. It wasn't until the last 15 minutes that she had about all she could take. She held on to her bag of candy and even though it weighed a ton she carried it around not allowing anyone to help her. We were so worried she was going to fall. Both girls came home and dumbed their candy on the floor then took the rest to our bed and began to eat. They got so much candy. full bars and all. I tell you they are so tired they can hardly stand it. all in all we had a safe healthy happy halloween. We wish you all did too!