Monday, July 30, 2007

Thank you Hillary!

Hello from the Nathan Miles Bunch...we want to thank Hillary for her efforts in getting us all to keep up with the blogging on this site! We wanted to show our support by adding our two cents! We are doing great, the fact that we I (Samantha) am able to contribute right now shows that baby is resting for me which is a huge bonus, since she is going through her "all I want to do is be held all day" stage!
Nathan's store is really making progress, the final inspection is happening this week, and after that it should be smooth sailing for us to complete our handy work in the space, and get ready for opening day. We are going to be having a big party so we will make sure to send the details to all of you in case you think you might want to make the trip down to join us for the festivities.
The girls are having a fun summer, we TRY to give them something fun in each day to look forward to and it seems to be working, they are sharing their happiness in all of the fun activities we have been able to provide, and we are getting some lasting memories as a family.
We miss all of you and look forward to our trip to Maui, although we have to admit we don't quite now all of the logistics with traveling and the new store, but we will do all we can to make it work out.
Love you,
Nathan, Samantha, Claire, Madeleine, and Lucy

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HILLARY said...

Thank you Sam.... I know it is a sacrifice to take precious minutes to do this right now! I really appreciate it. I can't believe how big Lucy is getting. We will definately try to come fot the grand opening. Congratulations! We love you guys!