Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello, We are stopping by to say hey. Well lets see what is my family up too? ummmm.... Jared still working for the same wonderful household. A lot of exciting things happening in the business area. The girls are happy as can be we just got back from Palm springs!! Never have I seen my two little angels have so much fun. They became fishes when we were there, always in the pool! maybe the temperature of 107 had something do do with that Or a lot to do with it. My family was so excited to have us there they all came to see us and they returned when Jared arrived. Sarah lost another tooth(big surprise) The tooth fairy is getting poor! We just celebrated Sarah's birthday the big 7. She thinks she's officially a grown up. I don't know what's her hurry I am enjoying her baby years more than her. She is the perfect big sister so helpful loving and yes sometimes Mean. Lili is 1 Year old can you believe it! She has 8 teeth and 2 more coming in. She loves to dance and play with everything except her toys. She loves loves the water whether she takes a bath or goes swimming she just absolutely loves it. She has such a strong personality and she is just beautiful. As for me well I picked up painting again and I am still scrapbooking. Most importantly I am loving my family.

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